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Marshall Rosenberg et la CNV

Non-Violent Communication (NVC), as developed by Marshall Rosenberg, furnished some practical tools for maintaining the predisposition of kindness required in order for private discussions, interaction in small or large groups or in everyday life, to flourish.

In the beginning of his handbook for the Exercises, Ignatius notes that a benevolent presupposition must govern the relationship between the person who gives the Exercises and the person who receives them. In a communal retreat, this a priori kindness is a necessary prerequisite among those giving the retreat and those making the retreat, as well as between retreatants themselves.

According to Marshall Rosenberg, the key to well-intentioned communication lies in becoming aware of the sentiments and needs (or desires) of others, as well as our own. Some good questions to ask ourselves are:

  • What am I feeling right now?
  • What are my needs (desires) right now?
  • What is the other person feeling?
  • What are the other person’s needs (desires)?

It is highly recommended to become competent in techniques of non-violent communication (NVC) through doing practical exercises. You can find some on the web.

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