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Our process is founded on the pedagogy of Ignatius of Loyola, mostly of his Spiritual Exercises, as well as the contributions of modern psychology and sociology.

Articles in this section

Stop running

Communities, teams, groups of young people, married couples, need to be creative in finding time in their busy schedules, to stop, breathe, listen, rest, and to come together. Where do they find that time ?

Sit in a circle

In a circle, each person occupies a similar space. And each person has an equal voice, from the youngest to the oldest, from the most to the least educated. The Holy Spirit is speaking through each one.

Put the Word of God at the center

At the center of the circle : an open Bible. Someone brings us together and invites us to listen to Him.

Take time for prayerful reflection

Personal prayerful reflection precedes small group sharing. It ensures depth and freedom for the conversations.

Look at your desires and achievements

The participants are invited to look at their personal stories to heighten their awareness of the graces received and to glance at the future in order to be open to the desires that the Lord has placed in their hearts.

In small groups

The sharing in large groups is often prepared by small group sharing of 5 to 6 people. The small group helps to build trust and allows freedom of speech for the individuals.

With three « rounds » of sharing

In the 1st round, each participant is invited to say something that came up from his or her personal prayerful reflection. The other participants listen actively. In the 2nd round, people are invited to freely interact with one another. In the 3rd round, the group converses together with the Lord who is present among them.

Celebrating God’s mercy

The communal celebration of God’s mercy is a powerful part of the process. It is a festive moment. Here creativity is needed.

Then, together, look at what the Lord is calling you

When we are reconciled, the risen Lord calls us to work with Him for peace and reconciliation in the world.

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