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ESDAC is a team of facilitators serving the gift of communion in groups of all kinds : communities, couples, youth meetings, boards... They use a process of discernment, which is inspired by the pedagogy of St. Ignatius and by contributions from the social sciences.

ESDAC = Exercises for Spiritual Discernment on Apostolate in Common

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Articles in this section

each one is an expert of his/her own experience

Stop running

Communities, teams, groups of young people, married couples, need to be creative in finding time in their busy schedules, to stop, breathe, listen, rest, and to come together. Where do they find that time ?

The foundational experience of Ignatius of Loyola

Our process is founded on Ignatius’ experience of discernment at the time of his conversion. He subsequently set this out in the Spiritual Exercises in order that others might have a similar experience.

To study the Ignatian Spirituality

About Exercises, discernment...

Handbook ESDAC

Handbook ESDAC 13/02/2016

Karl Rahner

Creating communal Exercises

Sit in a circle

In a circle, each person occupies a similar space. And each person has an equal voice, from the youngest to the oldest, from the most to the least educated. The Holy Spirit is speaking through each one.

To experience the Ignatian Spirituality

Retreats and programs

Put the Word of God at the center

At the center of the circle : an open Bible. Someone brings us together and invites us to listen to Him.

The contribution of the ISECP team

We are the inheritors of the American/Canadian team that, in the 1990’s, elaborated and transmitted ISECP (Ignatian Spiritual Exercises for the Corporate Person)

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